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Joan 'Lyric' Leslie is the epitome of what it means to be "more black girl than magic". Her work, a journey through healing and self-love, has been described as a love letter to black women. Lyric is a Harlem, NY native, performance poet, community organizer and podcast host. She has been a member of two national poetry slam teams and is featured on Button Poetry, Write About Now, All Def Poetry and Voyage ATL Magazine. She is a 2019 fellow of The Watering Hole Retreat, a Southern Fried Poetry Slam Finalist and a 2-time back to back Queen of the South Poetry Slam Champion. Lyric has been performing for audiences in academic, corporate, and social spaces throughout the country since 2009. She currently tours the college market and slam poetry venues using her stories, poems and comedy to empower youth and communities of color to share their truth, honoring the ingenious women who have come before her. 


The Stage

5th Thursdays Host at Atlanta's Urban Grind performs to open up show on August 29, 2019.

"Daddy's Fears" at Art Amok Slam


ThE Page

'My Blackness Rhymes with Joy' is a collection of poems and short stories capturing the life experiences that have shaped Lyric into the artist she is today. Through this chapbook, she aims to inspire women of color to heal and love themselves through the love and support of their respective communities.

"How am I more black girl than magic but have still managed to convince the world otherwise."

The Podcast

Both transplants to Atlanta, Alex and Lyric highlight a variety of independent artists whose work is inspired by spoken word and slam poetry. 


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